Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 09:02:50 -0500 (CDT)
From: Matthew Strait <quadong AT users D0T sourceforge·net>
Subject: Announcement: Future of l7-filter

As many of you have no doubt noticed, I haven't exactly been keeping on 
top of l7-filter matters lately.  This is due to several factors. A 
major one is that my wife and I have recently had a baby.  However, I 
have also been slowly losing interest in the project.  The vast majority 
of the work in the last few years has been simply tracking kernel and 
library changes, which I'm afraid I don't find very interesting.  
l7-filter has always been a side project for me and it's been a very 
long time since I have been able to devote enough time to it to get past 
*maintaining* and back to *developing*.

It seems that a large number of people would like to see l7-filter 
continue, so I would like to pass the torch to a new maintainer.  This 
new person will be tasked with getting and keeping l7-filter up-to-date 
with the latest kernel and Netfilter libraries, adding support for new 
protocols, improving and/or tracking changes in currently supported 
protocols, writing and maintaining documentation, managing the mailing 
lists, supporting/communicating with package maintainers, and perhaps 
will even find time to add exciting new features (not an exhaustive 
list).  I will provide transitional support to this person for as long 
as he or she needs it.  I'm not planning to disappear.

So this is a call for applications from (or nominations for) a new 
maintainer.  I'll take these until I feel I have someone suitable.  I'm 
more likely to accept someone who has done significant work on l7-filter 
in the past, or who has done major work on another Linux networking 

Naturally, l7-filter is an open source project and therefore anyone is 
free to take it and start releasing new versions at any time no matter 
what I say.  But of course I'd prefer to keep things orderly.  Seems to 
be what works.  Nevertheless, if someone simply wants to seize command 
(or what passes for command in our world), please feel free to announce 
it here. However, you most likely will not get control of the l7-filter 
sourceforge resources in this manner.  :-)